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New volunteer opportunities:
  • 2-3 volunteers to cover next bottle drive at the rink, Saturday November 30, 8:45am - 12:15pm
  • 2-4 volunteers to help with pick up, sorting and distribution of poinsettias from fundraiser (likely around Nov 29/30, details to follow).  Anticipate needing someone to pick up order, someone to organize orders, and then a couple of people to be at rink for families to gather their orders.

Still looking for volunteers for following:

  • Music ipod maintenance:  I have been doing this for years and would love to pass it on.  This involves updating the music ipod with new program music from the coaches.  Also will be responsible for keeping the laptop up to date and managing any tech issues with our devices.  
  • Music players for test day:  With our new attendance system we will not have regular music playing during sessions.  BUT we still REALLY need music players for test days 3-4 times per year.  As you will need some training and experience, we would like to try setting this up as a formal position, and hope to have 3 or 4 people that can commit to covering test days.


Hi Starskate families!
Keep an eye on this page for volunteer opportunities so you can fulfill your 12 hour commitment. Please remember that any time you do any volunteer hours please send me an email to confirm you attendance and time so I can record it ... I can't give you credit if I don't know about it!
As our season is now underway I am touching base officially about volunteering this year.  You will have already seen our volunteer requirements when you registered your skater on uplifter, but I want to take a moment to remind everyone of your volunteer commitment for this season (this is also posted on our website):
A minimum of 12 volunteer hours is required per family who has a skater in the Starskate program that skates for more than 1 hour per week.  Throughout the year it will be each family's responsibility to keep track of their volunteer hours with the Volunteer Coordinator. 
Families who do not fulfill the requirements throughout the regular skating season will have a 350 $ charge added to their latest invoice on file with SFSC, which will be automatically charged to the credit card on file for that payment unless there are extenuating circumstances that have been previously approved by the SFSC Executive.
Where there are not enough volunteer opportunities in a given year to allow families to meet their 12-hour minimum requirement, the SFSC Executive will consider the ratio of overall opportunities available to time committed by each family before issuing the charge.
Please remember that we do not have a Casino this season.  We have already had a few members fill their commitment this year, so I am certain there will be plenty of opportunities for all.  When you have volunteered, if you could please send me an email ( so I can enter your hours.  **you do not have to send me music attendance hours - that will be tracked by our attendance coordinators and sent my way.
We also will be hosting more fundraising events this season (more info to follow). Again, I need some bottle drive helpers next weekend to get us started.  I will post these opportunities (with some more detail) on our website as well.
Please send me an email if you can help with any of these items!
We have awesome parent volunteers and I look forward to another year working with you - you make my job much easier!
Stacey Will (Mara’s Mom, senior skater)