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STAR 1- 5 Program

The STAR 1-5 program encourages long-term athlete development and the principle of skating for life. This new program replaces the former Preliminary & Junior Bronze Programs which are now phased out. STAR 1-5 offers skaters the opportunity to develop basic skating skills in three different disciplines: Freeskate, Skills and Dance. In this new program, basic skating skills introduced in the CanSkate stages are refined, and more advanced figure skating skills such as single and double jumps, complex spins and ice dance patterns are taught and developed in stages, breaking down their components into building blocks. STAR 1-5 covers the Learn to Train stage of development and provides a solid pathway to the Learn to Compete stage that follows.

Here is a great video from Skate Canada that explains the STAR 1-5 program to parents.

For additional information, please refer to the Skate Canada website or click the following link:

STAR 1-5 Program Assessments

Skate Canada ensures that ALL coaches have taken and successfully fulfilled all aspects of the training course designed to meet all requirements of the “Assessment Component” of the STAR 1-5 in order to evaluate or "assess" their skater’s level.

This “Assessment” component of the STAR 1- 5 Programs is a major change to what we have known as LOW TESTING. In the past SFSC held LOW TEST DAYS that were conducted on a specific day separate from registered skating times of skaters. They were “tested” or evaluated by an independent evaluator under the director of Skate Canada Volunteer Evaluators. NOW this process is done by your Skaters’ Coach at skater's regular scheduled skating session.

For the most part, assessments will take place during the skater’s regular scheduled sessions. Once the assessment is completed, your skater will be given their assessment sheets to take home which will indicate the results of the assessment.  It is strongly advised that you keep these assessment sheets for your own records.  The fee for the assessment is $12 and all payments are made online.