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Parent Contact Information

A Parent Contact sheet is located in the Music Room binder for emergency purposes. Please have a look at this when you are in the booth and ensure that your information is correct.  


Please note the date(s) you are scheduled to play music and take attendance.  You will not be sent a reminder and are responsible for finding a replacement should you not be able to cover the shift yourself.

Welcome back!! I am going to attempt to organize the music schedule for this season.  As always every year our aim is to make this run smoothly and more efficiently than the previous year.  We ask for input from the volunteers, coaches and skaters.  We try to meet everyone's needs and concerns and are always open to ideas and modification. 

Moving forward this year we would like to allow the senior skaters and their coaches to take over the music for their sessions.  We only require attendance taking on these sessions.  Junior and Intermediate sessions will still require music players.  One of the reasons for this is we need to have ongoing training for parents so at anytime, if need be, everyone is able to play music .  Attendance is always necessary to make sure we are charging for the ice time correctly. 

That being said there will always be training for new parents and parents who just don't feel comfortable yet with playing music.  For the months of September and October I will require that the experienced music players mentor some of the inexperienced parents on all Jr. and Intermediate sessions.  Please only 2 people in the music booth at a time as the coaches feel that more than that seems to be a distraction.  Any parents who can volunteer their time to mentor training parents will be given credit toward their volunteer hour requirements.  Below is the weekly schedule broken down by level and ice time.  Please email me as soon as possible with your availability.  

Expectations of all Music players when they are in the booth;

1.  When in the booth your duties are to take online attendance and play music requested by coaches and skaters.  Coaches trump skaters.

2.  Please take attendance for each scheduled session.  

3.  If you are not familiar with the skaters on your session please either stand by the door where they enter the ice and ask their names or call them to the 

     booth and do attendance once they are on the ice.  Please confirm that only the kids that are on the list are on the ice.  We must abide by this rule to 

     to comply with Skate Canada's safety regulations.  Only kids registered with the club are allowed on the ice.

4.  The drop in procedure is outlined in the binder.  Please familiarize yourself with this.

5.  For the month of September new music players and anyone who would like a refresher will be accompanied by a mentor.  This can continue into October

     if necessary.  After this time we can access if some shifts require 2 people in the booth due to demand and organization.

6.  Remember anyone who volunteers to be a mentor can use these hours toward volunteer hours.

7.  Please ensure you unplug the heater if no one is following you in the booth.  Last shift will please make sure this is done and the door is locked.

8.  Each parent is responsible for 2-3 shifts a month.  Depending on the amount your child is skating.

9.. Please only 2 people in the booth at a time.  


Here are the sessions that need covering in the 2018/2019 season:


Int session: 3:45-5:00

Jr/Int session: 5:00-5:30

Jr session: 5:30-6:15


Sr session: 6:30-8:00 (attendance only)



Jr/Int session: 3:45-5:00 (Please stay and do attendance for seniors session)

Sr session: 5:00-6:15



Jr session: 3:45-4:45

Jr/Int session: 4:45-5:15

Int session: 5:15-6:00


Sr session: 6:15-7:45 (attendance only)



Jr/Int session: 3:45-4:30

Jr/Int session: 4:30-5:30



Open session: 2:30-3:30

Int/Sr session: 3:45-4:45 (Please stay and do attendance for seniors session)

Sr session: 4:45-5:45



Jr/Int session: 10:00-11:00

Int/Sr session: 11:00-12:00